Security is of course, a top priority for BHPSS. From our experience, the best deterrent from damaging behaviour can be something as simple as having a visible hands on security member covering key areas.

Using this service at your events can significantly reduce antisocial behaviour by having a trained, licenced and uniformed officer(s) who can patrol the grounds making sure there are no unlawful attempts of entry through vulnerable areas, no thefts occurring from trade stands or exhibitor holding areas and no interference with animals or vehicles used by the exhibiting team.

There are numerous ways in which people can try to take advantage of an event taking place for unlawful profit but BHPSS will be on your side to maintain order and reduce criminal activity. We strive to provide a fun and friendly day for the show attendees being courteous and polite but also being vigilant and mindful of any criminal activities.

We have glowing references from the events we currently service and we will strive to maintain this positive performance on any future shows that we work alongside.

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