BHPSS Concierge services offer you access to our elite guarding services, performed by experts wearing particularly smart uniform for that extra touch.

If you are looking for security personnel to cover sponsor areas, members tents or beer tents then our concierge services can aid as a great measure to have increased security in specific areas with a well presented look that will provide a unique presence at your event.

Our Concierge officers are all fully SIA trained and licenced to handle almost all aspects of event duties. Due to this role being a licenced operation, any areas where alcohol or cash handling are involved means that our officer can assist fully with the assignment, ensuring a professional service tailored to fit our clients need.

The smarter uniform requirements for concierge services also means that areas like members tents are easily visible, with a unique presence at the door to meet and greet patrons, and make sure that only the members are permitted entry.

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