CVIT (Cash & Valuables In Transit) services can be employed to make sure that cash overflow is dealt with swiftly, and in a safe and secure manner. Our team can collect money from different areas throughout the course of your events and take them directly to either our cash consolidation team for counting, or a bank of your choice directly if cash counting is to be dealt with separately.

This option gives you the peace of mind that all of the cash on site is being banked directly in a safe manner meaning there are no errors from missing money etc, as it will be taken off site at set intervals to avoid any human error or theft that could occur.

Our CVIT options tie directly into cash consolidation and cashier services, the prices are lowered substantially where we already have security on site to bundle pricing giving organisers an easy way to lower overheads from potentially expensive assignments.

BHPSS also offer Cash Consolidation services that integrate seamlessly with the likes of CVIT, providing you with cash counting and totaling ready for banking to take place.

Our cash handling team is headed by the Company Secretary/Finance Director, so you are sure to receive the highest service levels and professional standards. All of the cash handling for your event can be directly overseen by BHPSS. This will ensure that there are no mistakes, and everything is being logged correctly to give you the maximum earning potential.

We have a very strong track record in cash consolidation services on events, and we strive to make sure that every detail is logged and all money is accounted for in a safe and secure manner. Loss prevention is a key factor to making sure that events have successful and profitable show days, and BHPSS are more than happy to help on this front.

Call the office today for a free, no obligation quote and to discuss your CVIT and/or your Cash Consolidation requirements.